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Practice exercise 4, questions 6 and 7

I do not get the same answer as you did. Hello again Gabriel, The key to both of these questions is to remember NOT to use the early Zi 子 method in your calculations. You will the early Zi method explained in the “Find the Day Pillar” section of chapter 1. A reminder not the… Continue reading Practice exercise 4, questions 6 and 7

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Sample Exercise 7 – Month Pillar

Dear Karin,I am just reading your excellent book "Calculating the BaZi". Unfortunately I have some problem to link the 12 months : January, February, March....November, December to the list of month branch / Zi, Chou,Yin,.......Xu,Hai. In your worked BAZI calculations (page 227) you relate January to Chou (2) and February to Yin (3), September to… Continue reading Sample Exercise 7 – Month Pillar

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Sexagenary Cycle?

Dear Karin, I just downloaded a sample of your book: "Calculating the Bazi" from Google Play book store and upon inspecting the Sexagenary cycle chart on page 46/48 (There doesn't seem to be a page 47!), I noticed the chart starts with "1. JiaZi Metal; 2. YiChou Metal". Is this a mistake? I'm sure Jia… Continue reading Sexagenary Cycle?


Day Pillar – 1901, 1902, 1903?

Hi there, If the year is 1901, 1902, 1903 do we assume (0) zero for year divided by 4? Many thanks! Thank you for your question! The Day Pillar calculation is the most confusing one of the lot 🙂 The short answer: Yes! The long answer: For those just stopping by, here is the Day… Continue reading Day Pillar – 1901, 1902, 1903?