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Yin and Yang qualities of Earthly Branches, revisited

Dear Karin,I was just looking at a preview of the text: 'Calculating the BaZi', at Amazon on Kindle, and I am wondering if they made electronic mistakes somehow, or if your text has editing mistakes, or is there more than one tradition?For example, in the Preview via Kindle at Amazon, the table of the 12… Continue reading Yin and Yang qualities of Earthly Branches, revisited

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Early Zi method

Hello! I’ve been collecting all the English books on BaZi SiZhu I can find, and I was ecstatic to get yours. It’s the first that lays out calculating without the 10,000 year calendar, and that’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that info! My question is this: I’m one of those people with funky… Continue reading Early Zi method

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The sequel?

Hi, Karin Thanks again for kindly answering!I'm having other insights about connections between my chart and family issues.I was sure I would have found them! ... When will your next and more in depth book be printed...? 🙂 Best Regards,Dario Hello Dario, I am happy to hear that you are more and more excited to… Continue reading The sequel?