Correction! Practice exercise 10, #3

Hello Karin,

I have a question regarding FuYin:

In practice exercise 10, Johnny Yin’s FuYin is reported as YP (Gui Chou) as appearing in his DaYun of 2037 – 2047. However, I get the 10 Yr cycle of 2042 – 2052, which seems to match the answer in practice exercise 8. Hence, would practice exercise 10, answer 3 contain a typo?

Kind regards,


Hi again Daniel!

Thank you for your email! Yes, good catch, there is a strange typo in the answer to practice exercise 10, #3 as listed in the Answers to Practice Exercises section of the book.

You can also look at Johnny Yin’s completed chart in the Case Studies section to confirm he has FY in his 2042-2052 ten year cycle. Apologies for the confusion!

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


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