Correction! Sample exercise 6B

Dear Karin,

I recently purchased your book ” Calculating the Bazi” which I can describe as amazing, a great book helping to open doors into ancient wisdom.
I am trying to figure out your explanation and still cannot understand (Sample Exercise 6B). Would it be please possible for your to have a look into it? 
I fully understand how busy you might be and would greatly appreciate if you could have found a time to answer me so I am able to move on studying your next exercises.

Thank you for your time.


Dear Janna,

Thank you for your email and for catching my mistake! I have contacted the publisher to see to it that this is corrected immediately in the e-book version. Unfortunately, correcting the paperback version will have to wait until the next print run…

Sample exercise 6A and 6B are examples of someone who was born very close to the Jie. In sample exercise 6A, the person was born in Beijing time, and while we do need to check the exact moment of the Jie start, there is no need to adjust the Jie from Beijing time to the time of the birth location. In 6A, the person is clearly born before the Jie, so the BaZi month is the previous month, Hai 亥, as correctly stated.

In sample exercise 6A, the person is born at 04:30 GMT. This is very close to the Jie start, so we need to adjust Jie time to find out exactly when the Jie start was at the birth location. Beijing time is GMT-8 hours. If we subtract 8 hours from the given Jie time (04:38 on 8 December 1926), we find that adjusted Jie start, in GMT, is (04:38 – 8) 20:30GMT of the previous day, 7 December.

With an adjusted Jie time, we see that 6B was born before the Jie start, and therefore their BaZi month is the previous month, Hai 亥, NOT Zi 子 (as stated in the first print edition of the book).

Sorry for the confusion! I hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “Correction! Sample exercise 6B”

  1. Apologies for tagging on to an existing question as I am unable to find the link to start a new post. I have started reading your book (+ exercises) and highly appreciate your approach/writing style. As I prefer doing the exercises on the computer I would like to ask if you would be able to share a copy of the JieQi tables as a text file (i.e. digital format)? I tried looking for these online but have had no luck. Thank you!

    Kind regards,



    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your feedback and for pointing out that finding a way to a new post is somewhat mystifying. Apologies, I will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

      Although I understand your preference to use your computer for the calculations, I am afraid I am unable to share the JieQi tables as digital files at this time. I hope you can understand this!

      Best regards,



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