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The NeiJing as a source for GanZhi information?

Good morning Karin!

I’ve read the free sample of your and your husband’s other book on Stems and Branches, where the NeiJing is mentioned as the source of this knowledge (chapter 71, to be precise); I’ve got an Italian edition with 30 chapters and an English one with 52, if my memory’s good; do you know reliable English versions of the text? And is that part in the SuWen, or the LingShu?
Did you write those informations about weather predictions in the book itself? That was really a surprising topic, for me, and I strongly wish to know it more! 🙂

Hello Dario!

Thank you for your email and your interest in our book, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches! While I can not speak to the specific structure of the plethora of translations of the Neijing available, from my understanding, both the LingSu and SuWen traditionally have 81 chapters. I think most translations available in the West are the SuWen, which is indeed the reference we mentioned in our book (chapters 66-71 are all related to GanZhi cosmology).

As for the weather predictions in the introduction of the big red GanZhi book, those were written by my husband, Master Zhongxian Wu. You may like to know that he provides cosmological updates on the influence of the GanZhi patterns on weather and human health in his quarterly emails (subscribe here).

I hope this helps!

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