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Good morning, Karin!

About the empty branches: a friend of mine who had taught me the very very basics of BaZi had given me a chart to calculate my empty Branches and I had found a certain answer; in your book, I found a different one, which makes sense, btw; I’ve bought another book on BaZi, which is more into the explanations and chart reading, and the result was the same as the previous one (my friend’s chart): are there different ways/schools to calculate the empty Branches? I know sometimes Astrological calculations may vary, also depending on the different sects, or something similar. I’m a bit confused again…! 🙂

Hello Dario,

Thank you for your thoughtful questions 🙂

I assume the “empty branches” you refer to in your question are FengKong (chapter 5)?

Some of the information presented in my book is found in the ZiWeiDouShu 紫微斗數 and ZiPing 子平 traditions. However, I have drawn this book primarily from my husband’s oral traditions and from the DiTianSui 滴天髓 – a BaZi classic.

I am sorry I can not directly speak to other people’s or other traditions calculation methods.

I hope this helps!

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