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Sexagenary Cycle?

Dear Karin, I just downloaded a sample of your book: "Calculating the Bazi" from Google Play book store and upon inspecting the Sexagenary cycle chart on page 46/48 (There doesn't seem to be a page 47!), I noticed the chart starts with "1. JiaZi Metal; 2. YiChou Metal". Is this a mistake? I'm sure Jia… Continue reading Sexagenary Cycle?

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Year Pillar – negative answer?

Hello, I recently bought your book on calculating the BaZi and have a question. I was born in 1981 so when I do the Year Pillar calculation I get -2. I can’t find anything in your book or on the Internet on how to deal with negative numbers. Can you please advise? Hello! Thank you… Continue reading Year Pillar – negative answer?


Correction! YP exception, when R = 0

Q: From an amazon.com review: In the instructions it states that when the remainder equals 0, the yearly pillar = (birth year / 60) -3, and on the next page, “simply subtract 3 from the quotient (birth year divided by 60) … But in sample exercise 2 the author goes with the formula YP = R… Continue reading Correction! YP exception, when R = 0