Practice exercise 7, #3 Johnny Yang MingGong

Q: Hi Karin!

It was all going so swimmingly (if you can swim through something glacierly slow!), but I stuck totally on the Ming Gong Branch

7 November 1966, 22:11

Month branch: Xu = 11
Hour branch: Hai = 12
Isn’t after JieQi, so don’t add 1

32 – (11 + 12) = 9 = Shen

You have Wei?

Looks like there is an add 1 – but I can’t figure out why?

A: Hi there! Thank you for the question. We need add 1 for dates falling after ZhongQi. He was born before the JieQi/beginning point of November in 1966, which also means that he was born after the ZhongQi/midpoint of October 1966.

Please check my response to a similar question if you need more details: https://calculatingthebazi.com/2022/05/20/practice-exercise-7-4-johnny-yang/

I hope this helps!

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