Practice Exercise 4, q. 6 & 7

Q: I am loving your new book and I love how engaging it is, having the exercises to go through as you learn. So on that note, I am working on Practice Exercise 4, and finished all 13 dates no problems except for numbers 6 and 7 … Both of these examples are people born in the Zi hour. In the month stem calculation you had said not to subtract 2 if in the Zi or Chou month. I didn’t see anything about this exception in the hour pillar, so I did subtract the 2 and got Bing Zi for both answers. The answer in the back of the book the answer is Wu Zi. Should I be avoiding that last -2? Thanks for the clarification.


A: Hi Kristy!

Thank you for your email! As you did correctly, you use the early Zi method for the Day Stem and Branch calculations.

However, for the Hour Stem, you need to use the original Day Stem and Branch.

I hope this helps!

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